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Qdossier webinar series
Closing the loop between data, documents and dossiers

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Qdossier (free) webinar series

Closing the loop between data, documents and dossiers

Closing the loop between data, documents and dossiers in pharmaceutical drug development, that is what Qdossier stands for. But also, something we believe is a must-do for pharma companies to be ready for the future. Regulatory Affairs specialists (technical- and medical writers and regulatory operations particularly) play a key role in  this ongoing transition from document-centric thinking to fully data-driven processes. 

In this series of webinars, Qdossier colleagues will illustrate how data, documents and dossiers can be fully connected; and how closing the loop between the three leads to efficient and reliable life-cycle management of medicinal products. Additionally, our speakers will share insights on how these principles serve as THE basis for more automation in the field. 

The role of regulatory professionals is about to change. And we will explain you why. 

Data governance

Jan 25th, 4-5 pm CET

by Hans van Bruggen

Hans van Bruggen

Data governance at the hearth of enterprise information management

Our speaker will set the scene on how data is at the heart of enterprise information. This webinar starts with explaining a way of thinking, whereby one focuses on how content can be separated from context. Followed by more in-depth information regarding aspects like master data, reference data and transactional data.

eCTD document templates

Feb 2nd , 4-5 pm CET

by Joyce van Gerven

eCTD document templates allowing for automatic content generation

This webinar aims to illustrate how automatic creation of regulatory documents using (xml) tags, filled from your company’s (IDMP) databases, leads to lean authored documents ready for reuse across products, countries and dossier types. Consistent use of terms and data, formulating clear statements and firm justification, leaves less room for misinterpretations and unnecessary questions from internal reviewers and external regulators.

Document re-purposing

Feb 17th, 4-5 pm CET

by Maikel Bouman

Maikel Bouman

Re-purposing documents by placing it in the right context through dossiers

eCTD more and more became the mandatory, evolving standard for exchanging your regulatory documents with health authorities across the globe. This webinar aims to illustrate the benefits of correct document lifecycle and efficient reusability of documents in context of your dossier.

Master data management

Feb 22nd, 4-5 pm CET

by Michiel Stam

Michiel Stam

Managing master data in relation to authorized products

In the ideal situation the authorized product details are a reflection of the master data defined at the enterprise level. In reality MAH’s have to manage deviations across products and countries as a result of the outcome of regulatory procedure. Real life examples on how to manage these descrepancies successfully will be shared.

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