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Hosted submission management

Ready to use in-house platform

Qdossier offers hosted electronic submissions and services using our in-house publishing platform. We use this platform ourselves for the preparation of eCTD, NeeS and other dossier formats, but our customers can also view and/or review these through Dossplorer.

Global publishing and validation

In-house, Qdossier uses two of the major eCTD software tools, namely Lorenz Docubridge® and Extedo eCTDmanager™.

We can compile, validate, host and maintain eCTDs, non-eCTD electronic submissions, VNeeS and ASEAN-CTDs for all countries worldwide, for all companies worldwide.

Dossplorer regulatory dossier viewer

Once published, customers can access their dossiers via DossplorerDossplorer allows you to share, compare, view and review eCTD, NeeS and other dossier formats from any region. The hybrid cloud/ on premise solution offers cloud-based software as a service whilst keeping your data privately stored on premise (either at your company or at Qdossier). We can fulfill the role of dossier- and business administrators for your company and take care of the recordings of your dossiers in Dossplorer and manage the user administration.

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Qdossier provides all services required for succesfull submission management: efficient publishing of regulatory documents to submission readiness according to standardized procedures and workflows, including quality checks

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Dossplorer™ allows you to share, view and review eCTD, NeeS and other dossier formats from any region and access them from any location. Unlock and explore the true value of your regulatory dossiers.

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Support for both emerging and established pharmaceutical companies in defining and executing regulatory strategic activities. 

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