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Quality Assurance

Leveraging quality by design

Qdossier commits to do things right first time. This is embodied in our culture, processes and practices. Complex processes are not assured by  verification of the end result only. Quality has to be embedded by design. 


Our staff come from diverse backgrounds, expercience and personalities, but share the same high standards when it comes to quality of Qdossier deliverables. This combination ensures that our people bring value up to and beyond customer’s expectations. 


Qdossier processes have been developed to assure quality by design and efficient controls. As a result the controls are related to the quality of the input received, the validation of intermediate steps and end result. These processes are governed by our internal Quality Management System.

We offer the flexibility to  adapt to customer defined processes, if needed. In both cases our team will proactively work with the customer in case quality is potentially at risk. Knowing the context of these processes, our team recognizes potential risks beyond their core responsibilities. 


Qdossier offers a validated hosted submission management platform to facilitate our services. In addition, Qdossier’s Dossplorer solution and corresponding, development and perational activities are governed by our QMS.

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How we ensure Quality?